Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Introducing Kids4Classics

My name is Tom and my wife and I homeschool our 6 children. Actually my wife does the homeschooling, but I help out sometimes with special projects.

One of the special projects that I helped out with this school year (2006) was to have the kids design and build a website. We decided we wanted to do something useful and something that would fit in with education, so we came up with Kids4Classics. As the name indicates, we are interested in studying the "classics" as part of our educational philosophy and our kids are all "for" it. currently focuses on making available classic literature to read online or to download. All the works offered are in the Public Domain, so there is nothing illegal going on.

In the future we may add classical art and classical music to our site, but the literature is a huge project in itself. We are still working at populating the site with authors and books. The site is still technically under construction as of this posting, but it is functional enough to let others take a peek at what we are up to. We hope to get some feedback so that we can make any necessary changes before we debut it to the world. ;)

More to come.